No.1 in Japanese market by sales,
lactic acid drink category,
sold for more than 100years

Source: SRI survey by INTAGE, lactic acid drink market,
January - December 2018 (cumulative amount sold), by manufacturer

CALPIS® was developed as a
health drink

Kaiun Mishima

Kaiun Mishima the founder of CALPIS® brand

In 1904, Kaiun Mishima, the founder of CALPIS® brand, visited Inner Mongolia on business. There he found people drinking cultured milk, which is made from milk fermented with lactobacilli. The drink helps the people of Mongolia maintain their health, especially those living in harsh natural environments. Kaiun was surprised by the drink's good flavor and healthful properties. His digestion, which had been weakened by the long journey to Mongolia, was fully restored, and he discovered that both his body and mind were refreshed by the power of the cultured milk. He was convinced that the secret of the tastiness and health of the drink lay in the milk and lactobacilli. After returning to Japan, he devoted his time to developing a cultured milk product that is tasty and healthy.
"I want to make a drink that can contribute to people's lives," said Kaiun, who devoted himself to studying lactobacilli. The result was CALPIS®, the first lactic acid drink in Japan.

Milk and the unique lactic acid fermentation — The taste of nature


CALPIS® is made from nonfat milk. The milk is fermented slowly by adding microorganisms including lactobacilli that are unique to our company. These have been nurtured by us for generations. Cultured milk produced in such manner is called "CALPIS® Cultured Milk." The CALPIS® drink is made by adding sugar and other ingredients to this CALPIS® Cultured Milk.
The white color of CALPIS® represents the color of milk, and its sweet and tangy flavor is produced by our own lactobacilli. The refreshing taste originates in nature and cannot be provided by other drinks. It has become a drink enjoyed by all ages, from small children up to the elderly.

Polka dot pattern is the
trademark of CALPIS® brand

Original CALPIS® packaging launched in 1922

Original CALPIS® packaging launched in 1922

CALPIS® was launched on July 7, 1919, on the day of Tanabata (Star Festival).
In some Asian countries, including China and Japan, there is a custom to look at the stars on this day. The design of the polka dot pattern on CALPIS® packaging was inspired by the image of stars in the Milky Way as the product was launched on the day of Tanabata.
The original pattern was white dots on a blue background. It was changed to blue dots on a white background later. The pattern has been praised as a design that can communicate the refreshing image of CALPIS® and that retains a sense of freshness after all these years.
The trademark polka dot pattern features on all CALPIS® brand products available all over the world.